Preview of what’s to come…

Good afternoon folks!

The  D Center would like to keep you updated on our progress as we are nearing our opening date. Our grand opening hopefully will take place in late February or early March. We will give y’all a few weeks notice so you can attend our grand opening party!


The D Center’s official space is located in Mary Gates Hall (MGH), room 024 in the basement at the University of Washington, Seattle campus.



Yesterday evening, the three coordinators: Lee, Hannah and Christine, met up to finalize the colors for the walls of the room. We will be using no-VOCs paint for the space! This picture gives you a preview of one of the colors. Woohoo! We are hoping that the space will be painted within the next few weeks, and meanwhile, the furniture is going to be moved in the space as soon as possible!

As we are preparing the opening of the space, we are also planning events for y’all to enjoy! Here are some events that are tentative but dates will be set soon:

  • Leory Moore (March 2013)
  • Samarya Integrated Movement Therapy (March 2013)
  • Interpreter Panel
  • Internalized Ableism Discussion Group (on the receiving end)
  • Possible community/discussion forum on the website
  • Student Advisory Board

We are very excited for the space to open and for the events to be set in motion! If you have any suggestions, please click on the following link for a survey:

Thanks y’all,



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